Please note that all types and forms of complementary therapies are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment and care. Nor do they replace proper diagnoses and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. You may be advised by the therapist to consult a medical practitioner either prior to or during a course of therapeutic treatment. Continuation of therapy may depend upon you undertaking this. Complementary therapies are intended to work side by side with conventional treatment where it is required.

No therapist can guarantee specific results. The therapist may give information or guidance for the client to consider that could bring about positive results where the client is motivated to change and in conjunction with proper medical support if required. Although the therapist will be as supportive and helpful as possible in all decision making and change processes, any resulting choices and changes made by the client remain the personal and legal responsibility of the client.

In order to affect a change, CBT, counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and mindfulness require commitment and honesty from the client. Regular attendance is essential, as is a commitment to the homework assignments that are agreed.