If you are thinking of working with me, please read through some of my testimonials below. If you’d like to get in touch please call me on 07452 829821, or email me talk@mindresilience.co.uk.

“I just want to say a massive thank you for all of your help and support. I know it’s your job but you really have helped me turn my life around. I was on the edge of suicide a few years ago and now I’m enjoying nearly everyday thanks to you… keep being compassionate and helpful, you do really good work and I’m sure you’ve helped many others..”

CP, Surrey

“I started working with Rowanne in June 2023 due to religious and cleaning OCD, which escalated due to a previous trauma. Immediately from our initial phone call, I knew that Rowanne would be able to help me. She was warm, empathetic and very knowledgeable. We had weekly sessions and I always loved her approach and mannerism. She was caring and very much present and she always challenged me which I needed. Slowly I found that the OCD behaviours were reducing. Rowanne also worked with me a traumatic event using EMDR which helped me process what happened. Rowanne always listened to my irrational logic with my OCD behaviours and she would offer me alternatives with the intent of challenging my thinking patterns. I found it incredibly helpful and I truly believe that the rapport I developed with Rowanne was a key factor in helping me question my thinking. I am continuing to work through my OCD behaviours but with Rowanne’s help, I am in a better place than I was when I first met her. Thank you so much Rowanne. “

SM, Online Client

“Working with Rowanne has been so beneficial to me, I knew I needed to change the way I thought and reacted to situations and REBT was such a supportive framework and approach and just what I needed. Rowanne guided me through this, helped me challenge my beliefs and how I can change the way I respond and limit the impact my worries had on me. She was so insightful, and skilled in what she does, I came away from our sessions motivated, with helpful tools I can use across any situation. I really recommend working with Rowanne.”

IB, West Sussex

“Throughout the educational journey of school through to adulthood, good learning comes from ‘liking’ those who teach you. It’s been a real pleasure to have Rowanne teaching me CBT over the last six months, helping me discover for myself areas of improvement, and guiding me through what I found to be a very emotionally challenging experience, to a much happier place. I received her name as a recommendation and I would continue that recommendation onto anyone who feels CBT may benefit (and it does). Thank you Rowanne”.

MW, Online Client

“Rowanne has had a huge impact on my life. Within 6 months I was feeling so much happier, confident and at peace with myself. Rowanne is very understanding, and I felt as though I could tell her anything without judgment. I am amazed at how effective her work has been. I found Rowanne at a time in my life where I felt very low and at this point, I did not believe I could get better. From our first phone call Rowanne seemed to just understand me. Rowanne is warm and inviting, I always felt at ease during our sessions. Her passion for helping people is very present whenever we spoke. She offers strong support and a range of strategies/tools with an empathetic, down to earth approach. I could not recommend Rowanne enough. I hold her in very high regard, and I take comfort in knowing her door is always open for me”.

AC, Sussex

“I had suffered with anxiety for about a year and had already visited a psychologist for therapy for 4 months, which had not really helped. I’d since been prescribed anti-depressants and was then recommended to Rowanne by my GP.
I have a degree in psychology from many years ago, so a broad understanding of my symptoms and of some of the different approaches. I’m aware that some practitioners can often stick within a form a therapy that works best for them. However, Rowanne has such a range of therapeutic knowledge that she was able to select from a variety of approaches and, over time, understand which ones would be most effective for me. Since seeing her my anxiety has massively decreased, and I feel back to normal, and ready to come off the antidepressants. I’m really grateful.”

BW, Surrey

“CBT was suggested to me by my Neuro-ortologist and my Vestibular Therapist many months ago, and I completed a course of treatment with Rowanne shortly before Christmas. I have to admit that I was fairly sceptical about CBT until I met Rowanne.
I felt very comfortable and safe in her company, and she was both patient and professional with a great sense of humour. The sessions enabled me to speak openly about my anxiety and all the issues relating to it. Rowanne gave me the CBT tools to enable me to start solving the problems I faced. She also implemented hypnosis and recordings of parts of our sessions, which I am still using daily to help strengthen my positive beliefs.
I cannot believe the transformation I experienced in such a relatively short space of time (10 weekly sessions) and I am indebted to Rowanne for completely changing my life!
I hope that I won’t need further CBT, but if I do, I know that the door is always open and that Rowanne would see me as soon as she could. I cannot recommend her highly enough, a fantastic healthcare professional.”

FM, West Sussex

“I decided to reach out to Rowanne after my anxiety had gotten a lot worse in lockdown, and I’d been getting a lot of upsetting intrusive thoughts. After just one session Rowanne picked up on the idea that I might have OCD, and after researching it once I had gotten home, I knew it was exactly what I had. Rowanne then guided me through 8 weeks of OCD specific therapies, mainly ERP and mindfulness, which completely turned my life around. I’m so thankful to Rowanne for guiding me and showing me the tools I need to calm my OCD and not let it take control of my life. I’m now so much happier and positive for the future, which seemed impossible to me just a few months ago!”

GL, Surrey

“When I started working with Rowanne, first in person and then online due to my hectic schedule, I was in a very dark place and I genuinely could not even imagine I could get out of it. A breakup two years previously had plunged me into a serious depression complete with profound self-loathing, impostor syndrome in every aspect of my life, suicidal thoughts and consequently some pretty toxic behaviour patterns.
Rowanne understood me immediately. She presented me from day one with evidence-based strategies rooted in science, combined with a warmth of the soul that I had missed so much while wallowing in that dark place for so long. Her empathy, knowledge and kindness made me feel hopeful for the first time that I might just be ok again one day.
And I am, now, thanks to her. She’s completely and very quickly changed how I function in everyday life and how I relate to others, how I perceive, interpret and process events and how I react to my surroundings. If everyone knew the things Rowanne teaches you, the whole planet would honestly be a better place. I have healed after the painful breakup. I have stopped all the self-loathing and other such unhelpful behaviours, and I have discovered that magical thing called self-compassion. I always remember Ro’s strategies and words when I occasionally stumble, and knowing that she is out there is a thought that gives me much reassurance!
I’m extremely grateful for all her help and I can’t recommend her highly enough to those who seek healing, self-understanding and can’t even envision that truly happier times are still possible ahead.”

MB, Online Client

“I had a great experience working with Rowanne and found our sessions to be very helpful. I looked forward to each meeting with her and liked how she adjusted how we spent the sessions based on what I needed at certain points in time. I am appreciative for the CBT frameworks and meditation techniques she taught me, which have continued to be helpful in managing grief and life challenges.”

CB, London

“Beyond just being someone to talk to, Rowanne worked with me to devise actionable strategies to combat my anxiety. The work we did in our sessions built the foundations for the way I now approach situations.”

BN, London

“Firstly, I can’t thank you enough for all the help, support, kindness and care you have shown me ever since our initial phone call. I have found our sessions invaluable in a way that I have never experienced before with any form of therapy. I’m so grateful and lucky to have found the right person both to guide and to help me, in turn, navigate some difficult waters.

When I say invaluable that touches on a number of things. I have even enjoyed the sessions and have always found great relief/comfort through them. Obviously other life occurrences have impacted on things in what has ended up ultimately a good way (which is in itself an achievement – to find the positive in the negative) but it has been hugely beneficial to be able to analyse those times as well, deeply and thus effectively and turn them into learning experiences.

When I came to you for the first session I was completely overwhelmed and consumed by [my ex-partner] and I’m so happy to have reached a point through your careful and considered guidance, that I didn’t feel at the time it was possible to get to.

The energy, enthusiasm, diligence and focus that you have brought to every session is just plain brilliant. I can’t think of any other way of putting that. You have been honest and have challenged me and you have really made me think and analyse and continue to do so after the session has ended. I have also been able to speak to you so openly in a way I’ve not been able to before in terms of explaining things to someone.

You are also a very inspirational lady and that has contributed greatly to what I have gained from the sessions.”

HW, London

“Rowanne helped me look deeply into beliefs that were holding me back, challenge them thoroughly and discover that I can live in a very different way. This definitely set my life on a different trajectory, one that I chose more, rather than repeating old patterns. And now I know how to relax. Rowanne impressed me a lot and I recommended her to many friends, who then went on to do work with her and all thanked me for suggesting her.”

JH, London

“Rowanne was instrumental in helping me break through some major blocks in my life and achieve the things I wanted to achieve. Before working with her, I had some specific goals. But they looked and felt absolutely impossible due to the huge anxieties I had around them. Over a series of sessions, Rowanne walked me towards those goals and to my amazement and delight, within six months I was doing something I thought I’d never be able to do: performing my work in public. I have gone on to achieve more and more of my dreams and as a result, my life – and the way I feel about myself – has radically changed for the better. I’m really grateful to Rowanne for her invaluable help in making this happen.”

JL, Isle of Man

“I am so pleased with the outcome from my therapy sessions with Rowanne. She taught me to how to recognise a possible further build-up of my anxiety and has given me.a range of tools to alleviate and deal with my anxiety. She helped me deal with my current problems with empathy, sensitivity and with a huge amount of positive energy. She is clearly enthusiastic about her work and strives to get the best results for her clients.

I felt that we developed a great rapport during the sessions which is essential for a positive outcome.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Rowanne to a friend if they expressed a need for CBT/REBT sessions to help them with anxiety issues.”

IL, London

“I came to Rowanne with a number of issues, some of which I felt comfortable talking about, others which I was reluctant to share with anyone. She made me feel safe and relaxed, and very quickly we were able to identify the root causes of my problems. She then encouraged me to face these problems whilst at the same time giving me the space, skills and advice to overcome them. She taught me techniques to be able to move forward and to constantly improve. We had a number of breakthroughs and each time she showed me how to use these to understand my behaviour and to work to towards improving it. The way I look at life, and more importantly myself, has drastically changed for the better. The difference she has made to my life is immeasurable. I only wish I had met her sooner.”

KR, Surrey

“After CBT with Rowanne I have felt myself achieving my goal of holding myself and life a little lighter. Before Rowanne my mind was busy and racing with unhealthy beliefs that were holding me back and triggering anxious thoughts and habits as well as a range of physical symptoms (insomnia etc) that had started to become inescapable. 

Every session with Rowanne was an education into my mind and more specifically my thoughts. Rowanne kindly and empathically supports you in building a toolbox of new methods that are empowering,  available for you to use and practise daily. These tools have carried me through challenges that have risen unexpectedly beyond therapy and I truly understand and stand behind the work Rowanne does within Mind Resilience because that is how I truly feel since working with her. 

I would highly recommend Rowanne to anyone who is looking for new methods to support themselves to live a more joyful, freeing and present life.”

RT, Surrey

“Thank you very much for all your support and guidance during this amazing adventure.
You helped me to make positive changes in my life, to find myself again and build up my self-esteem. Your  professionalism was remarkable and you made me feel at ease during the sessions. All the materials you shared were so helpful and I will keep referring to them as these tools really made a difference..”

FC, West Sussex

“I have suffered with OCD most of my life and not until I met Rowanne, did I really understand what it was and how it affected me. My OCD behaviour had been controlling my life for many years, to the point where I would find it hard to do anything without worrying or over thinking something that wasn’t real at all. From working with Rowanne on a mental health toolbox that can help me through these times, I feel I live in the present moment and can control these OCD behaviours using the toolbox we went through. As well as this I had some fantastic training on how to use CBT to control unhealthy beliefs and turn them into healthy beliefs. Life is a lot better now and I am in a much positive state of mind”.

BL, Surrey

“Rowanne’s down-to-earth and friendly manner helped immensely in our sessions to help my OCD. She provided me with a wealth of clearly explained practical actions to work with, leaving me with a toolbox of techniques to refer to in the future. As a result, my confidence to rely on myself rather than seeking reassurance from others has greatly improved. Rowanne is flexible and willing to change direction in her approach during sessions to suit whatever comes up. I can thoroughly recommend her – many thanks, Rowanne”.

FC, Surrey

“Rowanne helped me to get back more of my former self and to view life’s situations in a more settled and realistic way. Thank you for pointing me in the right directions to understand the way I could/can improve/ change my feelings and attitudes to situations and to ease being so hard on myself and thus to be able to tolerate things I cannot change in order to be happier and less anxious in my everyday life.
Anxiety in some instances has plagued many of us over the past year and trying to cope with the pandemic and family ups and downs has been tricky, coupled with the feelings of not being in control. I hope, having talked things through with you that I shall be able to move forward with a greater understanding of how I can manage this.”

SW, Online Client

“I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the last year. It’s made a very big difference. I’m feeling better now than I have for a long time.”

SB, Online Client

“I am very grateful to have worked with Rowanne. She has helped me in dealing with anxiety issues I was facing. She allowed me to learn more about myself and get to a place of better acceptance and compassion. Rowanne has a lot of empathy and is a very supporting person. I would recommend anyone working with her.”

MB, Online Client

“I have found the CBT sessions with Rowanne of great benefit. Her warmth and patience have helped me to find confidence and strength in a particularly difficult period of my life.
I am so glad that I decided to go ahead with the sessions. It’s the best thing I could have done. I know that if at some time in the future I need a bit more support she will be there for me. It’s been a pleasure working with you Rowanne. Thank you.”

GG, Online Client

“I began to work with Rowanne during an intense bout of depression and anxiety. Much to my surprise, I instantly felt understood and supported. Rowanne’s non-judgemental nature and genuine kindness set a strong foundation of trust and honesty on which real change was made. Each session was tailored to suit my needs with the result that I quickly grasped and implemented new CBT techniques. Before long I noticed a clear shift toward more logical, emotionally-balanced, and compassionate thought processes. I enjoyed exploring new ideas and practices that ultimately led me to dispute unhealthy beliefs and begin to replace them with healthy ones.

I now have access to an array of “mental health tools” and feel-well prepared to handle situations that would have caused me to spiral just months ago. I am proud to be more emotionally aware, mature, and strong. This could not have happened without Rowanne’s expertise. I can’t thank – or recommend – her enough.”

CK, Online Client

“My sessions with Rowanne, were the first to give me the confidence to open myself up completely. It is her assuring confidence that has helped guide me through the process, and aided me with tools for life.”

HK, Online Client

“Life has been amazing lately and I know this has made a huge difference. Didn’t know life could be this way. Just wanted to say thank you. You’ve helped me change. I’m so happy with my progress.”

CS, London

“I was recommended Rowanne by a friend after deciding I wanted to try something more rigorous than regular CBT. In twelve sessions we addressed several major negative beliefs that were limiting my experience of life and it’s had a tremendous affect. Rowanne brings an incredible energy to the sessions and the techniques she taught me continue to be useful whenever new issues arise. I would heartily recommend a course of REBT with Rowanne to anyone seeking a practical, hands on solution to recurring issues.”

AW, London

“Rowanne completely changed my relationship with my thought patterns, helping me to identify, expose, and change very subtle mental habits that have been hard at work for years, contributing a great deal to my rampant health anxiety. She is extremely flexible and skilled and adapted her approach based on my familiarity with mindfulness. I felt a solid improvement in my life right after the first meeting, and after finishing the course, I’m feeling more confident than ever and equipped enough to deal with whatever life throws at me. Thank you, Rowanne!”

CZ, London

“Rowanne practised six sessions of therapy for my inherent emetophobia (fear of being physically sick or other people being sick) … The phobia stopped me from going out on certain nights such as New Year’s Eve, getting the train at night, going to pubs or restaurants. It played a key part in the rise of my anorexia for which I was in treatment for 10 weeks. This phobia almost stopped me from getting pregnant. It stopped me from working with or looking after children. Rowanne gave me talking therapy to ascertain what and why my phobia was like and how it appeared. She used hypnotherapy and meditation methods to gradually calm and put the phobia into context. She opened my mind to guided meditation as well as other calming ideas to keep me grounded. My phobia has not completely gone, it never will but I am able to do things that I would not have done before … I have my ‘safe place’ in my head and breathing exercises to use if I am starting to go into panic mode and my life has been much easier for this.”

JF, Surrey

“My therapy sessions with Rowanne have dramatically improved my quality of life. I found Rowanne’s challenging but empathetic techniques very effective and I was made to feel comfortable from the start. She has vastly broadened my knowledge on how the mind works and how I can interpret my own emotions and thoughts more healthily. Rowanne has taught me how to be better to myself which in turn has also improved my relationships with others. Seeing Rowanne has refreshed my mind and created some much needed space and stability.”

TP, London

“Rowanne is a professional and exceptionally caring person. Her gentle questioning, from many perspectives was often challenging, but this resulted in finding the best solutions to help me. The result is a set of tools to use when I find myself in difficult situations. Those tools still apply and continue to give me the support I need. I would recommend Rowanne for her empathy and capability.”

SG, Surrey

“I appreciate a lot that you supported me and give me a chance to live a full and interesting life. I really enjoy everything that I see around me. Now I can see the realities of life. I can feel happiness, sadness or frustration, and all of those feelings give me the sensation of my own existence!”

VB, London

“I had a problem with anger management. Rowanne’s sympathetic, down-to-earth, yet rigorous approach to therapy helped me to identify the underlying triggers for my red mists and to replace them with a healthier mental framework, reinforced by breathing exercises and other physical techniques to foster a calmer, more philosophical approach to life’s stresses.”

MD, London